Hi, I’m Carli! My husband Chris and I live in Birmingham, Alabama with our three children: Baylor (9), Loxley (6) and Wells (2).  We also have a fur baby, Pippa, who we fell in love with in 2013 and have been snuggling with ever since.

My oldest son has high-functioning autism (see blog post here) and he’s the inspiration behind this blog. I felt led to step outside my comfort zone and be a voice for others that might be in a similar situation. I try to live brave and be grateful no matter what life throws at me. I often write about topics that others are afraid to share, and I do this because I feel my purpose is to make people feel less alone.

I also love to dance, sing, laugh and enjoy life!

I worked in a corporate job for 13 years until Wells was born; then I took a break from working. I loved working but I was spread too thin and needed to focus on my family. I’m a big supporter of working moms- of all moms- in whatever life choices they make for their family. No judgement here, only support!

I love styling outfits, decorating my home, and growing personally and professionally.  I am very passionate about my life as a mother and I want to reflect that within my blog. If you are ever interested in a specific topic that you would like me to discuss here, shoot me an email. I would love to hear from you!