Halloween Home Decor

Halloween Home Decor
I love decorating for Halloween! This year I’m completely obsessed with pumpkins! Give me all the pumpkins, all sizes and colors!! 🙂
One of the reasons I chose pumpkins as my main decorating item was because they can stretch into Thanksgiving! So, I don’t have to re-decorate once Halloween is over (unless it’s just replacing some of the pumpkins).
I used a mixture of pumpkins- some are real, some are craft, some are glass, some are felt, some are velvet. I basically just used what I already had and added real pumpkins to fill in any gaps!

Fall Home Decor – Entryway

Like I said… pumpkins galore! The kids loved helping me decorate this space! Baylor put all the pumpkins on the steps and Loxley put the little bats on the walls (we found them at Michael’s but I’ve linked some from Amazon).


Fall Home Decor – Dining Room

The side table is the same table I have by my front door. It’s from World Market and we love them (obviously!). See the Cinderella carriage? Isn’t it the cutest? I got it from a local store (Leaf & Petal) and they still had some the last time I was there.

The dining table runner is from Hearth & Hand collection from Target. The centerpiece is basically a tray filled with pumpkins with a glass jar in the middle (also from Hearth & Hand). I already had the eucalyptus stems (amazon!) and I’m going to make this our “thankful tree” this year. The kids will write what they are thankful for and hang the notes on the tree!


Fall Home Decor – Living Room

The mantle was fun to decorate! There’s not much space between the TV and the mantle so I had to make sure all the pumpkins were going to fit. Once I had them all in place, I just stuffed greenery around them. It’s the same greenery that’s on our dining room table! The sign is from Hobby Lobby.

The throw is from Target- and I got it on clearance a few weeks ago!


Fall Home Decor – Kitchen

I kept it simple in the kitchen this year. Just added a few flower arrangements and pumpkins. I love how ALL decorations, no matter the season, look good with a simple white backsplash (you can see blog post about our backsplash HERE).  The vases are from Hobby Lobby and the sign was handmade by my cousin Lindsey McElvey (she’s on Facebook as “signed by LS”). She also handmade the sign in my entryway! So talented!


I hope all of you are having a wonderful fall season so far! And I hope some of my decor will give you a little inspiration when decorating your own home! If there’s something you can’t find on my links, please ask me, I’ll be happy to give you the details!

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