You’ve Always Had The Power My Dear

You’ve Always Had The Power My Dear

We’ve all seen the pictures on social media of women who seem to have it all together. The ones that have us comparing our lives to theirs. If only I had her money. If only I had her body. If only I had her success. My life would be perfect….

That’s the toxic narrative we tell ourselves to keep us feeling inadequate. To keep us down. To keep us from seeing our own blessings. To keep us from knowing our own power. Truth is, if we want a better life, if we want a different life… we have the power to make that happen. We just have to believe in ourselves.

No one has an easy story. Not even the women we idolize on social media. We’ve all experienced failures in relationships, at work, with ourselves… and gone through painful, heartbreaking things in life.

Yes, those hard seasons DO change us; however, we get to choose HOW they change us. We can choose to be more understanding and empathetic towards others. And better parents and partners. Or we can become skeptical, disgruntled and angry. And pull away from those closest to us.

It’s easy to feel like life is conspiring against us. Maybe it is sometimes. We all have our own unique journey. However, adversity can be used to our advantage. It can be the catalyst to building something great.


We get to control our attitudes. We get to control our decisions. We get to choose our next steps. The only difference between those who are living a wholehearted life, and those who are unhappy, is that they anticipated difficulty, but believed in their power. They chose to persist. They chose to look outward and be grateful.

Will it be hard? Yes. Will it be uncomfortable? Yes. Will you lose friends in the process? Probably. Will you gain new ones who will support you? Absolutely. Those experiences will make it that much sweeter.

We are the authors of own lives and we each bring something unique to this world. Just like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, we’ve always had the power, we just had to learn it for ourselves.


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