Thank you to everyone who responded to the post last year about Baylor’s autism journey. I received so many messages and encouraging words – it truly touched my heart. For the first time, I had friends opening up about autism… View Post

It was so much fun decorating our house this holiday season! We moved into our new house in June, and it's been quite a task to decorate it using the furniture & Holiday home decor items we already had. I… View Post

Happy New Year! Everyone is talking about their New Year goals for 2018 and I'm definitely in that mode as well. I like to reflect on the previous year, what worked, what didn't, and what changes need to be made… View Post

If you are a parent, you’ve likely heard the phrase, “It is easier to build up a child than it is to repair an adult. Choose your words wisely.” No pressure right? Well... early on in my parenting journey I… View Post

We recently changed our kitchen backsplash from a multicolored tile to a neutral subway tile. I found a local company who could do it for us for a good price. Brian’s Flooring was who I went with; they came out…

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October 10th was World Mental Health Day. As I was scrolling through Facebook that day, I noticed several of my friends were sharing their their mental health story and struggle. One of them was a fellow blogger (and my down-the-street… View Post

Chris and I took our first trip to Chicago recently and it was amazing! The weather was great and the city was absolutely beautiful; truly a postcard at every turn! We were just there for a long weekend so we couldn't… View Post

Recently I was in Target with the kids and we were in the check-out line. They were asking to buy literally everything in the little kiosk by the register. I kept saying no, and asking them to help me with… View Post